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Prevention of health complications for workers is our mission.

Handpalm injury. Photo by Brian Tagal.

Prevention solutions

Ask a custom quote.

As start-up we provide personalized solutions for companies to minimize work-related injuries. With our team of skilled product designers, we develop customized products that are comfortable, elegant and robust and that are designed to alleviate both long-term and short-term injuries of your workers.

Besides custom inquiries, we will soon establish an own product line, with tonnes of personalization methods for you to choose from!

Prevention campaigns

Together with partner organizations, we want to set up campaigns to
sensitize both workers and their companies to the health risks due to unsufficient protection at work.

Highlight good practices in prevention campaigns. Photo by Mostafa Mahmoudi.
Lotte - Fleur - Nicolaas


We are Lotte, Fleur and Nicolaas. Together we want to provide workmen - and women! - with sustainable protection gear. Our start-up originated from my school project around additive manufacturing at Ghent university. After seeing the full potential of the protective gear I had designed in my study, I teamed up Nicolaas and Fleur. 

Today, we form 3P support: a PPE partner for all companies in a variety of heavy job industries. Besides our knowledge in industrial design, we have a strong motivation to drive the additive manufacturing and personalisation of PPE materials to new heights! 

Want to join us in our journey, then don't hesitate to reach out.

- Lotte